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One of the most genuine pure marketing minds you can meet or be exposed to.

Regardless of if he’s serving as a CMO or CEO he has an absolute pure approach to marketing.

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#1 Eduardo Luz

Chief Brand & Concept Officer

Just when you think you’ve “made it” is when you don’t even realize you’ve been left behind.

Every landscape is littered with companies ahead of their time that forget to innovate while their competitors raced forward.

Rich Antoniello will probably never really know that little bits of advice he gave me have been that constant push to not wait for that to happen.

forget business coaches / peer groups / industry virtual conferences.

Not listening to the below is like deciding you no longer need to be in business.

NO BULLSHIT I’ll be here - you guys and girls can come back and thank me later.

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#2 Rich Antoniello

Founder & CEO at Complex Media

Cynthia Kleinbaum brings a world view and a deep understanding in digital to an iconic American started brand Walmart.

Her work is helping the brand bridge the two worlds in a consumer first focus.

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#3 Cynthia Kleinbaum

VP of Marketing at Walmart

Maybe there’s nothing incredibly groundbreaking about obtaining a mortgage and Detroit never seems to really get their due but that’s where Casey shines.

Smart, affable, inquisitive and just giving of his knowledge and time.

Want to wonder what these legacy marketers are thinking is “next”? Poke around Casey’s profile.

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#4 Casey Hurbis

Chief Marketing Officer at Quicken Loans

Sometimes you see a speaker who seems to defy the ability to say they are really good at this one vertical.

Ukonwa is one of those - while much of her career has been in the beauty industry (and she clearly made a name for herself there) Amazon’s recent hire of her seems to be focused on one thing she clearly has - talent!

You see that in the content she puts out there.

Will be interesting to see how her insights will shape the future of the brand.

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#5 Ukonwa Kuzi-Orizu Ojo

Global Chief Marketing Officer, Prime Video and Amazon Studios

40 marketers over 40 making a real difference in the industry. Maybe it’s a mix of straight up smarts, a very approachable approach to marketing, his clear passion for his team and the brand he represents.....

Something is just on point with Tariq.

While he does receive industry accolades along the way - to me he’s one of those marketers who we will only hear more and more about in the future.

Side note: whomever signed off on the Petco park sponsorship couldn’t have dreamed of more coverage this year ?

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#6 Tariq Hasan

Chief Marketing Officer, Petco

What some might have considered at one point a legacy brand missing the mark, Janey has been pivotal in the growth strategy for Walmart. 

WIth previous stops at HSBC and American Express she brings a voice and approach that is broad in reach with content to match. 

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#7 Janey Whiteside

EVP & Chief Customer Officer, Walmart

Media companies never seem to get their proper dues in my opinion.

We bitch about the tiny fees they try to charge for their content, we’re pissed if they don’t write about us and yet without them we really miss one of the main sources of factual and actual content.

Brian is one of those people - busting his @ss to try to ensure he and his team put out gobs of content.

If you don’t follow him or them - shame on you.

If you do and you don’t take that 1/2 a second to hit a like button when you see their content you are missing a critical step in being part of the culture of marketing - engagement with each other.

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#8 Brian Morrissey

President and Editor in Chief at Digiday

Fernando has not been afraid to push his teams to always think outside the box, literally.

His content is consistent and typically one of those “why didn’t I think of that” kinds of moments.

His episode of the CMO Suite remains one of our top downloads of all time and beyond that his journey is one of the most inspirational I’ve heard!

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#9 Fernando Machado

Global Chief Marketing Officer at Restaurant Brands International

40 marketing thought leaders over 40 days who are making a change - especially with their social media.

Jen may not post or put out content every day, but when she does - it’s usually pretty damn good stuff.

She’s talked about how there really isn’t a perfect “work/life” balance, she’s been an advocate for social change well before that was expected and she’s led the industry - PERIOD.

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#10 Jennifer Sey

CMO Global Brands at Levi's

One of the best pureplay marketing podcasters, Nadine is a leader in the industry period. 

She consistently puts out amazing content and approaches each guest with a fresh opportunity for her listeners to learn. 

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#11 Nadine dietz

Adweek Chief Community Officer and Host of CMO Moves

There is no question ANA has set the bar as a trade organization and as a leader in keeping the industry moving one direction - forward.

Duke has played a major part in shaping that growth and in sharing what he’s seen along the way!

As with the organization, his content is often an open tent - open to all to see, share and learn what still makes this one of the most rewarding industries to be in.

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#12 Duke Fanelli

Group EVP & CMO, Association of National Advertisers

A unique voice on LinkedIn, Jim often has content that runs the gamut - smart, writer and often in tune with opinions that don’t always follow the norms. 

Follow him if you want to sometimes go down a rabbit hole of being comfortable being uncomfortable.  

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#13 Jim Rossi

Author, “Cleantech Con Artists: A True Vegas Caper” | Public Speaker

I simply would not be where I am today if people didn’t push me out of my comfort zone - even more rewarding when you know you’ve played some part in the same for them.

Mentor, entrepreneur, friend and now, to some extent, content provider.

Matt (and many members of his team including Alicia Alongi) have really stepped up their content game - helped in part from guidance from people like James Orsini.

His podcast BrownONBrand will often have some additional nuggets of wisdom as well.

Worth a follow if for no other reason than to just see his occasional rants on “if any of this has a point if I can’t measure a sale from it” ?

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#14 Matthew Brown

President/CEO at ThumbStopper®

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know exactly what Cindy does 9to5 - I do know she’s involved with We Are Rosie and that her content often captures my attention.

When you describe what you do as.... “I LIKE TO BLOW SHIT UP” is it any wonder ?

Follow her if you want to push yourself outside your comfort zone and ask yourself some hard truths!

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#15 Cindy Gallop

I like to blow shit up. I am the Michael Bay of business.

Ever meet people you’ve aspired to meet and they end up coming across like just good human beings?

That’s Alyson Griffin

Driven to just make brands better and often sharing the secrets she’s learned along the way.

Was lucky enough to have had her on the podcast several times and each time felt like there wasn’t enough time to hear her story...


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#16 Alyson Griffin

Brand Builder, Product Positioning Specialist & Global Marketing Thought Leader

Mentor, friend, advocate and just someone who always makes me feel better about myself every time we talk and at the end of the day isn’t that more important than almost anything else?

On the day I kick off my newest podcast I can’t think of anybody I’d rather want to do that with than him!

If you don’t have a Sri in your life you need to find one ASAP!

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#17 Sri Rajagopalan

CPG eCommerce sales and digital cultural transformation leader.

From her time at Pandora to her newest stop Kellogg Company, Charisse is someone who seems open to not only sharing her knowledge but often (especially across LinkedIn) - sharing praise of others accomplishments.

Important to take a moment to give props to those who seek to lift others up so often!

40 over 40 highlights 40 market leaders we think you should be following today.

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#18 Charisse Hughes

SVP & Global CMO at Kellogg Company

You know those people that when you meet them, you can just tell they are problem solvers?

That’s Heidi - Marketing Sports through a pandemic is not something ANYONE signed up for.

The NHL and Heidi pulled that off flawlessly (and not just sayin that because my Tampa Bay Lightning won ?

She puts out great content, was a great and personable guest last season on the podcast and is just a genuinely nice person in a ridiculously competitive space.

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#19 Heidi Browning

EVP Chief Marketing Officer at National Hockey League

Carla not only leads an impressive team at Citi, you’ll also find she’s often advocating for others causes across her various platforms and content.

Smart and often purpose-first driven, you won’t walk away without knowing where she stands on important issues.

Following her will help keep you forward thinking throughout your day!

NOTE: We’re halfway there! So who have you enjoyed so far that made the list? Comment or tag them below....

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#20 Carla Zakhem-Hassan

Chief Marketing Officer at Citi

Jo Ann Herald is just good people. A post from her is normally wrapped in heaping shares of positivity that makes you feel like family (not surprising as the CMO at The Honey Baked Ham Company, LLC).

She’s an industry leader and especially active in building up Atlanta as the home of lots of marketing talent (Jeff Perkins, Katharine Mobley, Rob Collins -I’m talkin to all of you).

Follow her and her content if you want and need some comfort food from time to time.

Know other great Atlanta marketers?! Tag em below and let’s see some Georgia love!

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#21 Jo Ann Herold

Proven Brand & Transformation Leader With Rapid Growth Track Record I B2C & B2B

Dave has been a leader in the digital marketing space for years and his content often reflects just that.

His time at Drift and the content he put out really helped set that brand and himself out in a somewhat crowded space.

Now over at Privy you’ll find he’s still leasing with interesting insights and curated content - especially in the Shopify space

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#22 Dave Gerhardt

CMO at Privy | B2B Brand Builder

Leading much of her brand content with market innovations, you’ll often find content on where the tech industry is and where it appears to be headed next.

In addition Karen has been a growing voice in workplace diversity and discussing the importance of ensuring there are many different types of voices at the table.

A follow of her here on LinkedIn should constitute adding thought provoking content to your feed.

TAG someone you think should make the list. ???????????


#23 Karen Walker

SVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Intel Corporation

Perhaps a little more stealthy with her content than others, Lynne still packs a punch with industry related initiatives in how Visa is navigating consumers just doing less of the things we might typical put on our cards.

Smart, innovative and forward thinking - it’s an opportunity to gain some insight that isn’t filling everyone else’s LinkedIn feed.

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#24 Lynne Biggar

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Visa

In a year when live events as a whole has had to adapt, Andrew and his team have been working diligently around adapting content for WWE’s core consumer group.

Andrew often provides actionable content on the media and marketing industry as a whole and doesn’t short us on the entertaining side of sports entertainment.

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#25 Andrew Levine

VP, International & Platform Strategy @ WWE • Adweek Executive Mentors

If you haven’t seen Jeff speak publicly (obviously this year not withstanding) or delved into his content, you’ll find he’s curious.

Meaning he seems to really take the time to look at how we as consumers behave and interact with brands and how brands can adapt to that consumer behavior in a more enriched way.

He helped guide some interesting marketing initiatives in the sleep vertical for Casper and has been focused on making insurance more interesting now at Lemonade.

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#26 Jeff Brooks

Chief Marketing Officer at Lemonade

While Accenture has become massive in scope, Amy has managed to create discussions around the space that still feel relevant and easy to understand.

You’ll often find her content filled with accolades and insights on what is happening within the industry and where it’s headed.

She brings an extensive amount of experience on both client facing and client side to the industry.

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#27 Amy Fuller

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Accenture

At a time when the “business” of business is undergoing a massive shift - especially in regards to travel - I’m intently following what Elizabeth (and her team) is doing at American Express.

She speaks often on the insights she’s gained over her years of experience and shares even deeper content at times across various marketing platforms.

Even her “serve don’t sell” mantra is a step up from my often shared “solve don’t sell” approach.

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#28 Elizabeth Rutledge

Chief Marketing Officer, American Express

An enthusiast of always looking to see how we can all be better marketers, you’ll often find Doug speaking at major industry events as well as imparting wisdom on various podcasts.

A leader in retail thinking, you’ll also find his content filled with insights on how brands are making a purposeful shift in engaging with today’s consumer.

Follow him today for more insights!

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#29 Doug Zarkin


In addition to obviously helping shepherd a legacy brand into today’s consumer mindset, Marcel’s content often just revolves around telling it like it is tips and topics.

We’re thinking of an old school letter writing campaign until he agrees to be on the podcast ?

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#30 Marcel Marcondes

U.S. Chief Marketing Officer, Anheuser-Busch

One of the most dynamic public speakers I’ve seen - period!

If you catch her in person or as part of other content platforms, you’ll find yourself feeling like you’ve just received the content you need to change the world.

It’s no wonder Netflix just installed her to lead their incredible brand!

Hoping we’ll get the chance to have her on the podcast next season.

Please (please) don’t forget to like, comment or share below.

TAG someone you think should make the list. ???????????

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#31 Bozoma Saint John

Chief Marketing Officer at Netflix


#32 Hope Frank

Futurist, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Brand Expert, Growth CMO

Like your coffee STRONG and with no sugar in the mourning?!?

Then wake up to some commentary from Tom in your feed. He’ll push you to think and while you possibly won’t agree with him all the time, you won’t wonder his opinion.

Quite frankly this platform could use a few more shock jocks.

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#33 Tom Goodwin

Founder - All We Have Is Now

Want a PHD in how to build a billion dollar company from scratch?! Sarah Blakely pretty much spills the secrets to her success across her various social platforms and appearances on a regular basis.

More importantly - she talks about the ups, downs and pitfalls of being an entrepreneur in a way that helps lay the groundwork for those thinking of taking that path.

She’s also been considered one of the #topvoices for LinkedIn

Follow her feed TODAY!

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#34 Sara Blakely

Founder and CEO of SPANX

Over the last several years, I’ve seen the content from Dennis populate my feed on a regular and consistent basis.

We disagree sometimes over the value of how to “build a brand” but he also drops lots of knowledge. Most appreciated is that it’s just that - him sharing what he knows.

Even more refreshing is the honesty he sprinkles in that even with all that knowledge, the business of “business” can be hugely challenging to the core. Follow him TODAY and be sure to come back and thank me later.


If you’ve read this far, this is my style of content. COMMENT, LIKE or if it’s not for you, UNFOLLOW - because doing none of the above kills the algorithm.

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#35 Dennis Yu

Entrepreneur / CEO

Since publishers are often the ones, with their teams, conveying and highlighting thought leaders, they probably don’t often get to share much of the spotlight or get accolades for what they do.

If you see a post from Josh or his team, there’s a damn good chance it’s purpose is to make you a better marketer.

Beyond that - he’s just a good, sincerely good, human being.... and this industry could use more of those.

If you are lucky enough to have a real conversation with him - you’ll often leave just wanting to stay in this crazy space.

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#36 Josh Golden

President & Publisher @ Ad Age

One of my first real jobs was as a game show host for Nickelodeon - we were all actors reading variety with dreams of making in big in Hollywood..

Meeting Dea , CMO Variety, having her on The CMO Suite podcast and then her agreeing to be a guest at a live interview event I hosted at Evanta, a Gartner Company, was enough for me to know she is one of the most generous people in giving of her time and knowledge to this industry.

When I see a post of hers, I always always try to engage with a like or a comment, knowing that will be my little contribution to push it out a little farther in this world.

10 out 10 on the Hollywood industry chart!

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#37 Dea Lawrence

Chief Marketing Officer, Variety

If you’ve ever attempted to follow a start up to behemoth you know the road is treacherous.

Jeff has been there and has some battle scars to prove it that he often shares across platforms.

Most interesting to me is this is a space we all need to really continue to learn more about and his content revolves around #adtech #martech #paymentsolutions - basically the today and future of marketing.

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#38 Jeff Perkins

CMO & Head of Product at ParkMobile

Beyond the fact that he helped inspire me to get into this crazy space - he’s helped to remind many of us it can’t ALL be work.

He posts passion content and anytime he’s doing a podcast or talking about the industry he does it with authenticity.

He also was kind enough to be a guest on our podcast & host us in Denver when he didn’t have to - one of my favorite episodes of all time!

Pretty funny a day after I started this - Campaign Magazine comes out with their own 40 over 40 - beat em by one day ?

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#39 Alex Bogusky

Fun hog (Self-employed)

Want to be inspired by someone who pretty much started entrepreneurship after having served in senior leadership in several other previous positions/companies?

Then follow her because she is having fun and embracing the hell out of pushing out fun Inspiring LinkedIn content.

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#40 Stephanie Stuckey

Chief Executive Officer at Stuckey's Corporation

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